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Our Board

Jocelyn Weatherall - Chair

Jocelyn is the Chair of the Dementia Auckland and Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. Jocelyn has a passion for offering practical assistance for those affected by dementia. For several years she has undertaken voluntary consultations for individuals and families affected by dementia, who require practical financial advice. Jocelyn holds the designation of Authorised Financial Advisor, and Accredited Investment Fiduciary. A graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts Degree, Jocelyn has 27 years’ experience in financial advisory, management and operational roles. Part of Jocelyn's business focus is to assist charitable trusts with the strategic and on-going management of financial matters and investment reserves.



Patrick Cleaver - Deputy Chairman; Chairman – Dementia Auckland Foundation

Patrick has a strong financial and consulting background in property, retail, trucking, insolvency and managing business change functions in the public and private sector and as a consultant or finance professional within health and local government. He has been involved in areas integrating strategic planning and asset management planning and financial arrangements to fund outcomes. Patrick was a trustee of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Charitable Trust. A qualified Chartered Accountant (CA ANZ), Patrick holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance & Administration), Diploma of Physical Education and Diploma in Teaching. He is a member of the Institute of Directors.


Connal Townsend

As chief executive of Property Council New Zealand, Connal Townsend advocates for owners and investors in the commercial property sector and strives to achieve the best outcomes for New Zealand cities. A key part of this role is to scrutinise legislation and regulations to unsure that they foster and do not hinder growth and economic prosperity. Connal has a particular interest in the rebuild in Christchurch by advocating for appropriate infrastructure and government engagement so that city can once again be a desirable and secure region to live, work and invest. He is also closely involved with the implementation of Auckland’s Proposed Unitary Plan to ensure housing and infrastructure services will cope with the region’s projected growth over the next 30 years. Previously, Connal has held senior management roles in the finance industry, served as regional manager at Housing New Zealand, and worked as a management consultant. He has an M.A. with honours and is a Justice of the Peace.


Kate Kersey

Kate has a background in law and public health. She has worked in the public and private sectors in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and has been interested in health policy and regulatory affairs, particularly in light of our ageing population.

On a personal note, Kate’s mother lives with vascular dementia and she cares for three energetic young children. Her main desire is to see improved services for those living, and affected by dementia.




Martin BremnerMartinBremner3.jpg - 9.32 kb

Martin brings to the Board a wealth of experience in general management and marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Auckland with a BCom and a Masters in marketing and film studies. He most recently was General Manager Marketing for Pumpkin Patch, and previously CEO of Super Liquor Holdings. His governance experience includes time on the Board of Diabetes Auckland, and he is a member of the Institute of Directors.



 Dr Michal Boyd   


Dr Michal Boyd is a Gerontology Nurse Practitioner and Associate Professor with the School of Nursing and the Freemasons’ Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Auckland. She also practices clinically in a residential aged care. She has been a provider, leader and researcher of healthcare innovations for older people since the early 1990s.  Dr Boyd developed the “Residential Aged Care Integration Programme” at Waitemata District Health Board. She was co-investigator of the Aged Residential Care Healthcare Utilisation study and is currently involved in researching primary health care for people with dementia and palliative care in residential aged care facilities.  


Song Lam

In September 2018 the Dementia Auckland board were delighted to invite Song Lam to join. Song graduated at the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Education. She was formerly a school teacher in Hong Kong with more than 30 years teaching experience and is currently a part time bilingual educational advisor for Auckland Schools. 
林爽 畢業於奧克蘭大學﹐持有教育學士 學位
曾是香港合格教師,   教學經驗超過三十年
Song was the founder of Free Language Corners - Voluntary teaching English for Chinese new settlers for 20 years. Song is also currently the Chief Secretary of Chao Shan General Association of NZ and Team leader of Caring callers for St John.
林爽 是語言交流園地創辦人﹐義務教授華人新移民英語長達二十年 目前是
-St John  關懷電訪員跨區組長  
-奧克蘭失智協會 董事局亞裔 成員
Song is a well-established author and has published 10 non-fiction books:
The Maori of New Zealand - 紐西蘭原住民
My New Life in NZ - 展翅奧克蘭
What Do Children Learn In NZ schools - 紐西蘭活潑教育
Early Childhood Education Is Fun (Bilingual) - 學前教育最輕鬆 (中英)
Famous New Zealander (Bilingual)- 紐西蘭名人傳(中英)
Bilingual Children Poems - 雙語兒童詩歌集
Song Lam's Hanpai poems Collection - 林爽漢俳集
Song Lam's Mini Novels Collection - 林爽微型小說  集
Song Lam's Proses Collection - 林爽散文集
Being Maori Chinese- (Chinese Translator) - 雲鄉龍裔毛利情( 中文版 譯者 )
As well as Editor of The First World Hanpai Collection  <世界漢俳首選> 主編
Song has won a number of honours and awards including:
林爽獲得以下榮譽及 獎項﹕
First Place “Professional Chinese Achievement Award,” conferred by the “Association of Professional Chinese (NZ)” in Association with “Asian Institute of University of Auckland” & “Auckland Chinese Community Centre” in August 1999.
華人職業成就獎冠軍  -  由 奧克蘭華人專業協會及 奧克蘭亞洲學院 聯合頒發獎杯﹑獎狀- 1999年8月
Overseas Outstanding Chinese Teacher - Conferred by the Chinese Overseas Office - People's Republic of China,
中華人民共和國國務院僑務辦公室內頒授“優秀海外華文教師” 稱號- 1999 年8月
NZ New Year Honours: Queen’s Services Medal in (QSM) in Jan 2006,
紐西蘭英女皇 元旦
務勛章- 2006 年1月
Local Hero of Auckland City in Dec 2014.
奧克蘭榮譽國民獎章  - 2014年12月
The book Famous New Zealanders has brought Song the "International Literature Award" 
conferred by Shantou University of China in April 2014
人傳> 獲得2014 年國際潮人首屆文學獎- 
Song will bring a number of high level knowledge and skill sets to the leadership of Dementia Auckland and we are thrilled to have her on board.