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How we can help

While caring for someone with dementia can be, at times, a lonely or isolating experience, Dementia Auckland is committed to helping both people with dementia and their carers to live well.

We offer a range of programmes and services aimed at helping carers that are free of charge, and we encourage anyone with questions about dementia or the support we provide, to get in touch. 

'Living well with dementia' socialisation service

Dementia Auckland provides a series of free weekly socialisation activities across Auckland for people with dementia. Carers are always welcome too, whether as a support person, or as a weekly activity that couples and family members can enjoy together.

This service also provides carers with a chance to take a break from dementia care, allowing you to spend time relaxing, running errands, or whatever else needs accomplishing.

To find out more information about our socialisation service click here. For further enquiries, please call our office on 0800 4 DEMENTIA / 0800 433 636 or 09 622 4230, or email us at .

Our professional dementia keyworker service

If you are having difficulty caring for someone with dementia on your own, Dementia Auckland’s team of professional dementia keyworkers are here to help. Located right around the Auckland region, our keyworkers offer a comprehensive range of free dementia support services to help you navigate the dementia journey, including:

  • Telephone consultations and advice
  • Home visits
  • Individual and family group consultations
  • Carers Support Groups (see below)
  • Excellent information resources
  • Ongoing contact throughout the dementia journey

To be put in touch with a keyworker in your area, please call our office on 0800 4 DEMENTIA or 09 622 4230, or email . Our telephone support services run from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily.

Our carer support groups

Dementia Auckland provides free, professionally facilitated groups for carers. These support groups:

  • Validate the carer’s role
  • Provide practical strategies to carers
  • Create an environment where carers can meet and draw on the experience of others
  • Show carers they are not alone and minimise feelings of isolation
  • Encourage open discussion in a safe environment

Carer support groups run in the morning, afternoon and evening in various locations Auckland wide. For further information, please call our office on 0800 4 DEMENTIA / 0800 433 636 or 09 622 4230, or email

Our carer education programme

Dementia Auckland provides a free education programme especially for carers. These programmes cover a range of topics that can be applied to everyday situations, including:

  • Understanding what dementia is
  • Practical advice on living with someone who has dementia
  • Developing practical communication strategies
  • Tools for problem solving and managing stress
  • Coping with the changesthat dementia brings

Courses are held throughout the year in various locations throughout Auckland. To find out about dates and venues for our FREE Carer Education Courses, FREE Refresher Course, FREE Standalone Sessions or for further information please call our office on 0800 4 DEMENTIA / 0800 433 636 or 09 622 4230 or email .

Professional education

Education for professionals is an integral part of our work. Our professional education programme is a chance for professionals to upskill in the provision of dementia care and support services, and is open to:

  • Health professionals
  • Support workers
  • Residential service providers
  • Home and Community providers
  • Tertiary education institutes
  • Special interest groups

Please contact our office on (09) 622 4230 for further information, or email us at .