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Find out more about news and upcoming events below.

Have you ever dreamed of conquering the Great Wall of China? Of exploring Beijing’s Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven? Of travelling through history to the very heart of China’s ancient culture?
Now's your chance.
The Hike for Health brings together supporters from various New Zealand and Australian health and medical research organisations for an adventure trek to the Great Wall of China. A year from now, you could be part of an incredible team, raising awareness and funds for Dementia Auckland. You’ll stand united, as a team, atop the Great Wall, knowing the difference you’ve made.
Starting in Beijing, you’ll quickly swap the hustle and bustle of the city for the majesty of the Great Wall. You will challenge yourself like never before as you trek on remote and unrestored paths, between mountains, through local villages and across rolling farmlands. With the support of our expert guides, you’ll explore the many facets of the Great Wall, deciphering the ancient stories and poems etched into its watchtowers, every brick seeming to tell a story of war and adventure.
Best of all, you will be raising funds for Dementia Auckland to ensure all people in Auckland affected by dementia receive the support they need to make the most of every day.

Have you always dreamed of being a Christmas elf? Are you really good at gift wrapping? Or are you just part of a community group, workplace, or family wanting to do some good to help people with dementia?

It costs Dementia Auckland $600 to provide one person living with dementia with free specialist services for a year. With only 45% of our funding provided by government, we desperately need help to make up the rest and meet growing demand.

This Christmas, as part of Remember December, all the proceeds from gift wrapping at Sylvia Park and LynnMall will be coming straight to Dementia Auckland – but first we need groups of volunteers to do the wrapping and spread some Christmas cheer!

Register your interest now at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0M948Ekczdc_tyLk-JHBfx5OWy0CVS4XpxgKF0Q1BOv8p2g/viewform?usp=sf_link if you can organise your community group, some colleagues, or a bunch of family and friends to take on a few shifts or days of gift wrapping between the 3rd December and Christmas.
Training can be provided if needed, and it will be a fantastic way to spend time with colleagues or loved ones doing some good. It only needs to be for a couple of hours each – but the impact will be huge!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Symposium 2018: Let's Talk About Dementia. It was another fantastic event, with a huge amount of knowledge gained from very experienced and engaging speakers, and some incredibly moving personal stories as well. An enormous thank you must go to all our speakers, and to our very generous sponsor, Westpac.

Download presentations from the day:


Did you know that there are currently 15,000 people with dementia in the greater Auckland region – and that this number is expected to double over the next 15 to 20 years?

Get Together For Dementia is an easy way for people across Auckland throughout the month of September to support people living with dementia in our community. Why not hold a morning tea at your work place, rest home or club where everyone brings a plate and makes a donation? Or have a dress-up day in the office, have everyone make a $10 donation and give out prizes for best (or worst) dressed.

Create a fundraising event to suit you!

1) REGISTER – Sign up and we'll send you a free fundraising pack with tea, coffee and other goodies to help you make the most of your event. 

2) PLAN – Whether it is a shared lunch or morning tea, mufti-day, trivia night or simply a cuppa with some friends, get planning and start inviting!

3) FUNDRAISE – Set a fundraising goal for your event – whether your fundraising goal is $50 or $5,000, every bit helps! Send the link to your friends and colleagues.

4) HAVE FUN – Know that you are helping provide specialised services FREE of charge to people with dementia right across Auckland.

It's an easy way to make a difference in your community – thanks for your helping us to support people living with dementia by holding a Get Together For Dementia event.

Register now.

My wife Amrita and I were living in Qatar with our son Sanesh when the first warning signs started appearing in Amrita’s behaviour. She began demonstrating some eccentric ways of thinking, and would do things like wear her clothes inside out.
Amrita is a music teacher by trade, and taught at international schools in a range of different countries. After Qatar, we moved on to Shanghai, where the realisation set in that something was wrong… but blood tests and x-rays all came back fine.
But the sense that maybe it was something that perhaps wouldn’t be found in those sorts of tests came to us after an evening out for drinks with friends. Amrita asked the same person the same question five or six times. Our friend thought she was just tipsy – but we realised something else was amiss since she hadn’t had more than two drinks, so we booked in to see a neurologist.
The initial perspective from medical staff in Shanghai was that she couldn’t have Alzheimer’s because of her age and the fact that she was still able to play complex music on the piano. We returned to New Zealand and visited a GP; within minutes they performed a test and confirmed our worst fear – Amrita had Alzheimer’s.
It was 2015. We returned to Shanghai, and Amrita attempted to go back to her classroom role, but ultimately had to resign, which was a huge blow for her – she had been teaching for 33 years! Coming back to New Zealand, she was still keen to continue teaching if possible, but again, the deck was stacked against her and she wasn’t able to start the role she was initially offered.
Our battle began. With support from WINZ and Dementia Auckland, however, we started to make progress. The CST (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy) programme was a major breakthrough, and I was thrilled to see some real change in Amrita and the
others in her group. Harnessing her love of music has also been important, with plenty of opportunities provided for her to play the piano – whether at home, at retirement centres or at the Papakura Salvation Army, where she volunteers, or a Toastmasters meeting that she attends every second Thursday. It’s just amazing to see her remember her old favourites, and see how her music touches other people too. Sharing music is a way of helping her and helping others too.
Sanesh, our son, was 15 when Amrita’s symptoms started really developing. He’s now at university and has continued to be amazingly strong and supportive throughout this journey. Before we did this years Walk for Dementia, he even shared a short piece about Amrita’s battle on Facebook, the first time that we had shared anything about it with anyone other than close friends and family. There was an outpouring of support and love; ultimately we had about 30 people walking with us on the day, and donations came in from friends and family around the world. 
Being open about Amrita’s dementia has helped a great deal – and has allowed us to see that you can live with dementia and still live your life. It has been a huge learning curve for us all, but by sharing our story, we know we can help others, and one another.
Register to take part in Get Together For Dementia so we can help more people living with dementia in our community like Amrita.

Dementia is something that affects so many of us – in fact, research shows that two out of three Kiwis will be affected by dementia in their lifetimes.

And yet, so often, we’re afraid to talk about it. People in the early stages of dementia don’t want to tell others that they have it, and people whose partners or parents are showing signs of dementia may remain in denial about it for some time. Dementia can be so isolating – not least because it’s rare to hear much about it!

The 2018 Dementia Auckland Symposium is being held on Sunday 19 August at Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, and with a theme of 'Let's Talk About Dementia', it's sure to be a good one, helping us lift the shame and stigma of dementia so that people can talk more freely about this common condition and the ways it can be managed.

Every year the Symposium is a must for anyone who is affected by dementia in any way, and this year is no exception, with fantastic speakers sharing their expertise and research around dementia. 

Don't miss out – register now by emailing Courtney on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Entry is via koha.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our volunteers and generous members of the public who contributed to our Annual Countdown Appeal from 28th June - 1st July. Hundreds of volunteers hit the streets (well, hit the supermarket...) in order to collect money on our behalf, and did an amazing job at engaging with the community. This year also saw our first year using 'Tap & Go' machines to collect PayWave donations, which we received fantastic feedback on. No more 'no cash' excuses!

We are delighted to announce that we raised $23,704 – an incredible result.

This money will help us to continue to deliver free services to people living with dementia and their families across the wider Auckland region.

As someone who has always been a hard worker, the last thing Ken Sims wanted to do when he retired was sit at home and “become a cucumber or a couch potato.”

To try and stay active, Ken had a browse online for volunteer jobs available and found a listing seeking a part-time driver for someone with Alzheimer’s. Although he’d had limited exposure to dementia previously, a friend of his with dementia had recently passed away. Ken also suspects that his grandfather may have had dementia, but this was during an era where symptoms of what we now know to be dementia were simply chalked up to someone “being senile.”

With these prior experiences with dementia in mind, the driver job appealed to Ken and he thought it would be a worthy cause to be involved with. It wasn’t long after putting his name forward that Ken found himself volunteering three days a week, signing up for a range of activities to support people with dementia, including volunteering with walking groups in Blockhouse Bay, One Tree Hill (now disbanded) and now Henderson.

Whilst very satisfying, Ken has found that helping out with people who have dementia can be emotionally challenging. “The sad fact with dementia is that there’s decline all the time,” Ken laments. “It can be quite emotionally draining seeing it happen to someone you’ve known for two or three years.”

However, Ken’s happy that his contributions have helped people with dementia to live well with dementia and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He’s noticed that some people with dementia can become quite withdrawn, so the walking groups he’s involved with finish with a chat over a cup of coffee – giving everyone the chance to socialise.

Though many have benefited from Ken’s volunteering, he has also found his contributions very rewarding on a personal level. “It gets me out and about, I get to see things through other people’s eyes. We talk about all sorts of situations, things we see on the news – even politics occasionally!” Ken takes immense pride in hearing feedback from partners of some of the people with dementia for whom he volunteers, telling him about how they value the friendship he’s made with them. 

It’s obvious that volunteering is a rewarding experience for Ken; one can only imagine how grateful the people Ken has supported are for his service!


Our Countdown Annual Appeal is just around the corner, taking place over the final weekend in June. Each year, this appeal helps raise thousands of dollars for Dementia Auckland – donations which allow us to continue helping people with dementia across New Zealand’s largest city.

A fundraiser as large as this one can only be successful with the support of volunteers from all over Auckland. You don’t need superpowers to be our hero; just a couple of hours of your time and a cheerful smile can help raise the funds we need to keep supporting Aucklanders. We have had a lot of assistance in the past from people who have benefited from our work in the community. 

Richard says “Having watched Gran suffer with dementia and the stresses put on Mum looking after her, I wanted to do something to help others with in the same situation. Not only for those with the disease but also the families and carers affected. What if that $5 collected in that extra 10 minutes helps train someone to better look after their elderly parent? It's all worthwhile, always.”

Last year our amazing volunteers raised thousands of dollars that provide much-needed keyworker support. With that money we were able to help out people like Richard and their families. This year, hundreds of volunteers will be out collecting on our behalf from Thursday June 28 – Sunday July 1.

Make sure you say hi to our amazing volunteers while they’re out and about next weekend – and if you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet, we may still have a few spots that need filling! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help.