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Find out more about news and upcoming events below.

Some of you may have seen in our most recent edition of Mind Matters our call out for twiddles - knitted blankets or tubes with beads, buttons, toys, ribbons or other trimmings attached to them. They provide a warm and calming distraction for busy or agitated hands. One of our amazing volunteers, Carol, has been making some of her very own twiddles for Dementia Auckland clients to try, and asked for others to join the twiddle team. The response has been outstanding, and we were thrilled to deliver our first batch of twiddles to Selwyn Village recently. 

Says Carol, "I am very pleased that we started our twiddles journey at Lavender Cottage. It was so good to get some positive feedback, encouragement and ideas for what day respite centres need." 

Twiddles, in various forms, are being used with great success by people living with dementia all over the world. Donated by keen knitters for the use of those with dementia, either in their home or in care facilities, twiddles are not yet widely used in New Zealand, however we believe they could be a beneficial tool.

We would love to donate more to Selwyn Village and other care facilities, so would love any knitters (expert or beginner) to donate some. Carol has patterns available, or you can creatively come up with your own. Alternatively, we would love to receive donations of the following:

  • Large bright buttons and trinkets that can safely and firmly be sewn onto our Twiddles 
  • Double knitting wool of any kind
  • Really soft small soft toys
  • Medium sized soft toys that are extremely soft, flexible and fluffy

For more information, or to help, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Sarah at


The Central Leader and East & Bays Courier featured our very own Maria Co this week. Maria's just about to take over our Carer Education programme, and has been working as a key worker with us for several years. To read the article, along with the rest of this issue of the East & Bays Courier, visit Neighbourly.




We were thrilled to be featured in the North Shore Times and Stuff recently thanks to the generous efforts of Gemma Cappel, who, after taking part in the search for Pat Wearn, has started creating "Hope Candles" to raise awareness and funds for Dementia Auckland. Gemma sells pillar candles for $25 and candles in a glass jar for $15 and kindly donates 20% of that to our organisation, already raising over $220. To order a candle, contact Gemma on or on 021 303 654.

To find out more about Gemma and Hope Candles, visit Stuff.co.nz


Recently we were invited to speak to many media outlets about the importance of wearing a GPS tracking device. Many people with dementia have a tendency to wander, and aren’t always able to find their way home easily. They can become disoriented, even in familiar places, and may not always remember their name or address.

If you are concerned about elderly neighbours or loved ones with dementia who go walking by themselves, we would suggest contacting WanderSearch, who have created a simple radio frequency tracking system for people living with a cognitive impairment. See wandersearch.org.nz for more details.


Below are a couple of the media outlets we were featured in:

One News





This month's Super Seniors blog post – under our new Dementia Auckland moniker, of course – talks about ways that you can help protect yourself from dementia. Certainly worth a read, we think!


This month on the Super Seniors blog, we talked about tips for visiting those with dementia.

This weekend, 'Rhythm of Chinese Guzheng' will be firing up listeners at Takapuna's PumpHouse theatre. Takapuna's famously home to The Memory Shop, the Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust op shop – but this weekend, it's home to a new kind of AACT fundraising! Check out this article on Stuff – key worker (and event organiser) Zhi Chen and performer Lin Zheng are interviewed. Not one to miss out on.

We had a mention in the latest issue of Good magazine as well as on the Happyzine website – how lovely is that? Hopefully you're going to join us for the Walk for Dementia too.


In the latest post on the Eldernet Gazette blog, we talked through ways to support those with dementia. Important reading for those with a loved one with Alzheimer's or other dementias.