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Countdown Appeal just around the corner!

Our Countdown Annual Appeal is just around the corner, taking place over the final weekend in June. Each year, this appeal helps raise thousands of dollars for Dementia Auckland – donations which allow us to continue helping people with dementia across New Zealand’s largest city.

A fundraiser as large as this one can only be successful with the support of volunteers from all over Auckland. You don’t need superpowers to be our hero; just a couple of hours of your time and a cheerful smile can help raise the funds we need to keep supporting Aucklanders. We have had a lot of assistance in the past from people who have benefited from our work in the community. 

Richard says “Having watched Gran suffer with dementia and the stresses put on Mum looking after her, I wanted to do something to help others with in the same situation. Not only for those with the disease but also the families and carers affected. What if that $5 collected in that extra 10 minutes helps train someone to better look after their elderly parent? It's all worthwhile, always.”

Last year our amazing volunteers raised thousands of dollars that provide much-needed keyworker support. With that money we were able to help out people like Richard and their families. This year, hundreds of volunteers will be out collecting on our behalf from Thursday June 28 – Sunday July 1.

Make sure you say hi to our amazing volunteers while they’re out and about next weekend – and if you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet, we may still have a few spots that need filling! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help.