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Conversations That Count Day 2015

Talking about death and dying is hard. Most of us will not die suddenly.  We all potentially have lots of time to think, talk and plan for our future and end of life care.  Yet for most families this conversation does not happen, or if it does, then only when someone is very unwell. Many people don’t spend their last weeks and months doing what they value in a place they call home. They are undergoing treatments they would not have chosen given the choice, away from their homes in a hospital or high care facility, isolated from their families by visiting hours or distance.  Many don’t get to say what they want to the important people in their lives, don’t get to say I love you, thank you, sorry and goodbye.   

Advance Care Planning helps us think about and share what is important, it helps us think about and plan what treatments we do and don’t want, it helps us clarify how we want to be cared for as we approach the end of our lives.

This year 16th April will be Conversations that Count Day, a national initiative led by a co-operative of hundreds of people across New Zealand’s health system that is encouraging us to have a ‘Conversation that Counts’. That is, talk to those we care about and with those who will care for us as the end approaches about what we would want for ourselves.

Our theme will be ‘Start a Conversation’.  We want to encourage people to start having conversations with their family, friends and wider social networks. We want people to feel confident to start conversations about what matters to them and what care and treatment they would want in the future. Visit our website www.conversationsthatcount.org.nz to find out more, download our poster or email one of our postcards to someone you care about to help to get the ball rolling.

To find out more about Advance Care Planning, access our e-Learning modules or watch the moving and very informative film Living for Today, Planning for Tomorrow, visit www.advancecareplanning.org.nz.