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Do Good in the Hood for Alzheimers Auckland!

Help Alzheimers Auckland just by filling up your car with gas!

We’re one of the four groups being supported through Good in the Hood at Z Te Irirangi Drive. That means we’ll get a share of $4,000 - how much depends on how many votes we get!

To vote for us all you need to do is buy something from Z Te Irirangi Drive during May. You’ll be given an orange token to put in to the voting box - the charity with the most tokens at the end of the month not only gets the biggest share, but also has the chance to have their donation supercharged!

That's right - we’re also in for a share of an extra $250,000 Z is offering to help supercharge 2015 for up to 22 groups. Customers and local Z staff will be part of choosing the groups — go to z.co.nz/supercharger to find out how it works!

So please, head down to Z Te Irirangi Drive during May and vote for us!