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Referral Form - Dementia Auckland
Referral form to Dementia Auckland.
PDF File 

Enduring Power of Attorney 

Infosheet on communicating with people with dementia.
PDF File 

Alzheimers Auckland Annual Report 2016
2016 Annual Report from Alzheimers Auckland.
PDF File

About Dementia 1 - Diagnosing Dementia
This Help Sheet provides information about the early signs of dementia and the techniques used to diagnose dementia and the importance of an early and correct diagnosis.
PDF File

About Dementia 2 - Information for Family and Friends
This Help Sheet is designed for people with dementia and their families to provide information to others about dementia. It explains what dementia is, how it affects people and ways to help.
PDF File

About Dementia 3 - Communication
This Help Sheet provides basic communication strategies to support carers and family members to interact more effectively.
PDF File

About Dementia 4 - Behaviour That Challenges
This Help Sheet describes practical strategies for coping with behaviour that may challenge other people.
PDF File

About Dementia 5 - Early Planning
This Help Sheet discusses ways to plan ahead, how to organise financial and legal affairs and people or organisations who can help.
PDF File

About Dementia 6 - Alzheimer's Disease
This Help Sheet describes the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, as well as its causes, progression and treatment.
PDF File

About Dementia 7 - Lewy Body Disease
This Help Sheet explains Lewy Body disease (also known as Lewy Body dementia). It is a form of dementia with particular characteristics making it different from other dementias.
PDF File

About Dementia 8 - Vascular Dementia
This Help Sheet describes the types of vascular dementia, and their causes, diagnosis, and treatment.
PDF File

About Dementia 9 - Frontotemporal Dementia
This Help Sheet describes frontotemporal dementia and its different forms: behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia, progressive nonfluent aphasia and semantic dementia.
PDF File

About Dementia 10 - Alcohol Related Dementia and Wernicke-Karsakoff Syndrome
This Help Sheet discusses alcohol related dementia and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, their causes, symptoms and treatment.
PDF File

About Dementia 11 - Younger Onset Dementia
This Help Sheet discusses younger onset dementia, sometimes called early onset dementia. It emphasises the importance of a correct diagnosis and some aspects of caring for someone with younger onset dementia.
PDF File

About Dementia 12 - Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease
This Help Sheet explains what is currently known about the link between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease and provides information about where to find additional support.
PDF File

About Dementia 13 - Disinhibited Behaviours
This Help Sheet describes disinhibited behaviours, the causes, and strategies for carers and family members.
PDF File

About Dementia 14 - Hallucinations and False Ideas
This Help Sheet discusses some of the causes of hallucinations delusions, paranoia, and confabulation and suggests ways that families and carers can deal with them.
PDF File


Useful Links

All seven speeches from our latest Symposium are now online - view here and enjoy!

Physical exercise isn't just good for the body... it's good for the brain too!

Get your free one day pass to Les Mills.

With 10 clubs nationwide, Les Mills has the most extensive range of cardio and weight equipment, delivering the world's best Group Fitness classes and Team Training options, and are passionate about Personal Training. 

Dementia Friendly Banking - Westpac New Zealand

Westpac has become New Zealands first dementia-friendly bank, to support the two out of three Kiwis affected with dementia. Take a look at their video that was launched this year and played at our Symposium.  http://www.westpac.co.nz/rednews/lifestyle/dementia-and-banking-60000-kiwis-living-with-the-illness-video/

Their aim is to help people with dementia to plan ahead, access financial services and get help to remain independent for as long as possible. Their employees have been trained to help recognise, understand and respond to the needs of customers living with dementia and they've put together resources that they're happy to share with other organisations who want to become dementia friendly too. Go to www.westpac.co.nz/dementia

Age Concern

An organisation dedicated to the rights and wellbeing of older people.

ADHB residential care line

Information for people 65+ considering rest home or long stay hospital care.


Provider of care services, at every stage of the ageing journey.

Dementia and driving

A guide for clinicians on dementia and driving frrom the District Health Boards 

Dementia Alliance International

Membership in  is FREE and open to people with dementia only, in any country. If you are a person with dementia, join DAI and be part of a global community of others with dementia, where members support and encourage each other to live well with dementia. Join others in fighting against the stigma, isolation and discrimination of dementia.

ElderCare Online's Teen Resource Centre

For children and teenagers affected by family members with dementia.


Information about services for older people in New Zealand.


New Zealand's largest on-line directory. 

World Alzheimer's Report 2015 - Fact Sheet

Created by Alzheimer's Disease International, this fact sheet sums up the global prevalence of dementia, and recommendations for organisations globally.

World Alzheimer's Report 2015 - The Global Impact Of Dementia

For those interested in further insights into the global impact of dementia.