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Bequests in Will

The gifts you leave us through your Will can make all the difference to the quality of life of people affected by dementia. Although publicly we are known as Dementia Auckland, legally we're Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust, so if you do wish to leave a gift in your Will then please use our full legal name – Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is simply a gift made through your Will which can be worded to suit your wishes and circumstances. It may include:

  • A percentage:Many people wish to divide their estate between a number of people and charitable organisations by stating a fraction or percentage for each one. This allows for inflation and changes in circumstance or values.
  • A specific sum:You may wish to state a specific sum but please remember that inflation or changes in circumstance may necessitate regular reviews.
  • The residue:When you have made provision for family and friends you may wish to leave the remainder, the residue, to Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust.

You can alter the terms of your Will at any time. If you have already made your Will it can be updated or a codicil added which sets out your revised wishes.

How you can make a difference

We rely on community support to fund our services, which are provided free to those in need. Bequests form an integral part of this support and recent bequests have ranged from $500.00 to over $100,000. Bequest income is invested prudently to recognise and acknowledge the achievement of a lifetime's saving and your most valued support.

Bequests provide us with the security of knowing that our core work can continue into the future. Your gift, large or small, is appreciated and will directly help and support all people affected by dementia. If you include us in your Will, please let us know so that we can thank you personally and keep you and your Trustees informed.

A gift in your Will is a positive way of ensuring that your money and assets help the people and causes that you believe in. What better memorial could you hope for?

If you would like more information or to discuss this, in confidence, please contact Stephanie Maitland on 09 551 8781 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.