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Donations in Memoriam

Donations in memoriam

A gift in memory of your loved one is a meaningful tribute. The family of the deceased may wish to honour their memory by requesting donations to Dementia Auckland in lieu of flowers. Many people find it comforting to know that the passing of one person's life, while sad, can have a positive impact on the lives of many others.

Create your own fundraising page

You can create a fundraising webpage to honour your loved one or to celebrate your special occasion. Email friends and family a direct link to your webpage or post the link on your social media sites. You can view donations to your page online and people who donate to your page will be automatically supplied with a tax deductible receipt by email.

Not sure where to start? Try Everyday Hero or Givealittle.

Gifts in celebration

Another way of celebrating a person before they have passed away is via gifts in celebration. Supporting Dementia Auckland at your birthday, wedding, or anniversary is a rewarding and thoughtful way to mark your special occasion and help us provide vital services for people living with dementia in your community. If you are planning a get-together, why not ask guests to make a donation in lieu of presents?

We can help

If you would like to support Dementia Auckland we can provide you with donation envelopes and collection boxes.

Alternatively, you can ask us to send you a collection box and/or pre-addressed envelopes to have on hand at your event. Your guests can then make a donation at their own convenience.

For more information please contact our Fundraising Manager Stephanie Maitland on 09 622 4230 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.